Tronco di Cono Chimney Cap

Tronco di Cono Chimney Cap

Usage of the product:

The Tronco di Cono chimney cap is used as a terminal for chimney flue. It does not impede the passage of combustion fumes and is advisable for the evacuation of fumes under pressure.

Installation instructions

Install on the terminal part of the chimney flue. Fix by means of a flue clamp. Do not use a silicon sealant only. Installation of the chimney cap must be carried out by qualified personnel

Certifications and note

Designed specifically for double-walled chimney flues, with clamp and space for seal insertion. EC Certifications in conformity with EN 1856-1 :
- Resistance to flow


Articolo 1800

80/130 100/150 130/180 150/200 180/230 200/250 250/300 300/350
200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200
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